organization effectiveness

I respect the importance of change on people. We’ll take hairy, complex problems and break them down into bite-sized pieces for meaningful, non-threatening project management and achievable success for change. We don’t work off a specific model rather, we figure out what works for the client. This is not traditional consulting. We look holistically at the organization and laser in on areas needing change and do it together. 

As leader of the Organization Effectiveness Group at American Express Company, I worked with Sonia on an amazing variety of organization development projects. As an independent consultant, I continue to partner with her. Sonia is an energetic and insightful organization development consultant who brings both business and “people” savvy to the table to create practical solutions to business problems. Her organization development experience spans a wide variety of business functions in a wide variety of industries. A “Valley Girl” who lived and worked in NYC, she combines hard business thinking with soft people interventions to create effective performance solutions.
— Tom Leitko, PhD; Principal, Leitko Consulting LLC; Former head of Organization Effectiveness American Express

Executive coaching

I help executives become successful in introducing strategic change, and building skills to transition into more complex roles. I am fluent in coaching across the employee life cycle: new to the organization, emerging talent, high potentials, business presidents and seasoned executives. Bringing 15+ years of knowledge as an Organizational Effectiveness consultant, I understand the pressure executives and employees take on inside the business. Often, executives have confided a need to be a Superhero: tough exterior while caring for their organization and teams. They carry a heavy load, particularly when moving the business model and realigning their people. Even the best superheroes need a sidekick. What's your kryptonite? We will find out and tackle it together!

I remember you making my life better. You listened to my dreams, aspirations and goals. You ensured I focused on aligning what my managers wanted and that it also aligned with the company’s overall objectives. You were different than others because you didn’t sugar coat the truth. You were honest about my situation which allowed me to move forward.
— Executive Vice President, International Marketing, Major Entertainment Studio

Private Coaching

Coaching is accessible to everyone. My clients sponsor themselves. We work diligently to determine what has them tangled and work on untangling them strand by strand.  Many clients are struggling with next steps in their career.  These brilliant minds have a wealth of potential and opportunities. They are badasses and we unleash their swagger.

Evan Finkel, Father of a client and Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

"I am a parent of two wonderful daughters with solid degrees from fine institutions. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to watch each of them struggling (and at times downright miserable) in their present jobs, knowing that I lacked the competency to steer them in the right direction. I felt terrible as any parent would. But I did one thing right. I made an introduction to Sonia K. Narang and from that moment forward my daughters were on a positive trajectory. Sonia gave my daughters incredible amounts of time to identify their strengths and the types of jobs that would be ideal, to give them the tools to search for particular job openings that would meet their criteria, and to coach them on how to shine in interviews to close the deal and land those jobs. Happily, both daughters are now well-settled in their ideal positions at wonderful companies, surrounded by friendly competent peers, reporting to individuals of high moral fiber that take pride in mentoring them and supporting their advancement, and they could not be happier. As each daughter has told me, they feel they now have more than a job – they have a career that brings them joy. As a parent, I could not be prouder (or more relieved) at the place each daughter is now in her professional life, which has spilled over nicely into their personal lives as well. All is good and we owe that in no small measure to Sonia. I highly and without reservation recommend Sonia to any parent with a daughter or son in need of professional guidance."